Welcome to the 2022 Tax Season



The 2022 Tax Season starts officially on


Monday February 20, 2023 

and lasts till May 1st, 2023 


Our team here at Canadian Tax Financials would be delighted to assist you with preparing your tax returns,

not only during the official tax season but we're also here for you 

during the entire year.




At the moment we can offer you the follwing choices:


In person:


1:    To avoid long waiting times for you, in our client lounge we strongly recommend that

       you make an appointment.

       Please give us a quick call and we'll try our best to take you in as 

       quickly as possible or simply contact us by filling out our " Contact Us " form.


       ( Please note that clients with appointments will always be served first before clients                             without appointments )


 Drop - Off:


2:     You can drop off your documents at any time during our hours of operation, we'll                                prepare your tax return and make an appointment with you to come in and sign

        or e-mail the signing papers to you





3:      We agree on e-mail contact only and process everything electronically 

        ( Detailed identifcation for new clients is necessary )




Thank you for being our client – and for the trust you place in us every day.



Hours of operation:


Monday to Friday   09:00 am - 06:00 pm

                            Saturday                 10.00 am - 04:00 pm    


        Closed on Sundays and Holidays   





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