Linda Voswinkel  CPB

Certified Professional Bookkeeper / Owner

Senior Tax Professional


As a Level 6 Tax Professional, Linda is the Specialist when it comes to Personal and Corporate Income Tax.

Accounting and financial bookkeeping is her passion and strenghth since 1996.


Dirk Voswinkel   CPB

Certified Professional Bookkeeper


For more than 3 decades, Dirk's passion and dedication lies within numbers, formulas and projections. As CEO and CFO of different companies. Accounting and financial bookkeeping has always been his favourite.



Blanca Solis

Tax Professional / Internal Auditor


Blanca joined Canadian Tax Financials accounting department in February 2017. She works directly on our clients files ensuring that all the documents are accurate, balancing and prepared for data entry. 


Katarina Sundstrom

Senior Tax Professional / Bookkeeper


Katarina became an asset to

Canadian Tax Financials in March 2017 where she takes excellent care of our clients books and as a Level 6 Tax Professional of their Personal and Corporate Income Tax.


In addition to that, we work closely with a chartered accountant (CPA) who provides consulting advice as needed so that nothing is ever left to chance. This added service provides a second opinion on a problem and ensures the best possible outcome for your business.

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