Corporate & Personal Tax Returns

When meeting with one of our professionals for the first time, it is a good idea to bring in your last year of personal tax return and notice of assessment. We can verify carry forward amounts, maintain filing consistency when desired, and if necessary, adjust the prior year returns in your favour for missed income tax refunds. In fact, we can go back up to 10 years to make these tax return adjustments, but in most situations, we only request those years if we have reason to believe they have missed income tax refunds.


With our professional tax software, we can even net file directly to the "Canadian Revenue Agency" for proper submitting of your documents and a reduced waiting time for a possible refund.

Unfortunately, not all accounting firms and accountants prioritize tax savings. However, when you become our client, it’s our duty to save you as much taxes as legally allowed under the governing legislative acts. To accomplish that challenging goal we rely on our significant amount of experience and expertise. Our client referrals and testimonials over the years are a direct result of this fundamental commitment that serves as our cornerstone.

Our Tax Services:

  • Personal Income Tax Returns T1's
  • Corporate Tax Returns T2 's
  • Sole Proprietorship  /  Business Statements
  • Rental Income
  • Investments  -  Capital Gain / Loss
  • Northern Residence
  • Final Returns



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